Supreme Leader Elina of Nalda, Governess of All is a Naldani Elementi who was given the leadership of Nalda after The Great Continental War during the Age of the Elemental. Before the war, during the last days of the Age of the Veis she was Inturned as the Twelfth Supreme Governor of Nalda and ruled as such until the end of the Great Continental War when the Beings of Creation gave her the ultimate control of her continent.

Early Life

Elina was an only child of a Naldani Elementi mother and Isari father. She grew up learning The Laws of The Nal aside many Naldani children. Before her work for the Naldan Councilis, she was a White Warrior for the Naldani Forces. She proved beneficial for the forces due to her manipulation of wind. Her father-an Isari spy and technolaan designed her wings so she could fly into battle if ever she ever needed.

During the Age of the Veis, Elina was elected as Supreme Leader of Nalda under the power of the Naldani Governer of All, Borak Nadeule. Elina's predecessor, Ardec Jucadur was charged with treason and banished from Nalda.