King Isal of Isavirien was the leader of the Isavirienland in the eierienmost part of the continent of Isa and the eierienlandoran Isar. He ruled from the Bronze City of Isavilliar until the Age of the Veis when King Micol of Isamar appointed King of Isa by the Vei Deis of that realm. King Micol gave him governship over the wierienlands and took his staff of power. Isal is an eternal being and is to rule over the eierienlands of Isa for eternity. During the The Great Continental War Isa and Nalda battled destroying the The Great Cararaath of Isa with The Carcaraath of Nalda and all who dwelt in the large Isari vessel perished. King Micol of Isamar was not aboard the craft. He and Queen Mirasa of Isator fought on the ground and King Isal turned against the darkness and fought for light. King Isal stood against King Micol and battled using his recovered Staff of Roe. He won as he gained his full power the staff had given him. As the battle ended in favor of Light, The Beings of Creation crowned Isal High King of Isa. Isal later forgave Queen Mirasa and they bewed establishing the first Reign of Isa.