The Veis are the seven creations sent to Borgator by the Ocator after the Great War of Borgator to overcome the Being of Darkness. In the Forest of Wade in Mortwee the Ocator sent the seven creations to Borgator as the only gift upon the world, the woodland being Svenis watched the light fall upon the spot where the marble eggs appeared and every day, he left his village and watched over the eggs. The creations emerged from the seven marble eggs in the first cycle of Age of the Beasts. They were named Aea(White), Xan(White), Feia(Blue), Phelas(Blue), Acaal(Green), Leisal(Green), and Deis(Black) by the woodsman Svenis. He saw these yellow robed children emerge from the marble eggs and he cared for them until they left the Forest of Wade. When they came of age for the Veisevi to occur, they formed in their cocoons where they changed into their elder forms. They became the two whites, the two blues, the two greens, and the black Veis who was the most powerful. Together, they had powers over everything in the world of Borgator. Even though they were in their elder forms, they looked as if they were young adults.

"The Veis were resurrectors of the Beings of Creation. At this time there were only three Beings of Creation left in the world and those are.. as you know.. myself. But the others are my frail and weak sister, Roe the Being of Light who is in some sort of deep sleep at the hand of Guntor's Darkness in a hidden chamber at Nascaraand of Nalda. And somewhere in the deep shadows of the Heldal Wood lurks my brother, Ral the Being of Death wondering aimlessly to his own deadly tune of his flute. The Veis are here to awaken all of us yet again to fight against an evil that looks to consume the world; each given a part of us by the Creator. I have decided to come out of hiding when the Veis Xan found me and awoke me from my seclusion." -Isa the Being of Life to Alexèleith during the last days of the Age of the Veis.